•I am SLE patient and was taking 12 tablets of prednisolone 5mg for the last 4 years. I was suffering from joint pain, swelling, protein leakage from kidney and high level of creatinine in urine. I started to take 2 caps of TF Adv 3 times daily for 3 months. I saw big improvement in my health condition. Pain has reduced and I stopped pain killers. The swelling has gone and protein and creatinine level has reduced lot. My doctor was amazed with my results and has gradually reduced my predisolone dosage to 2 tabs daily. Now I am taking 2 TF Adv 2 times daily.

Siti Halimah 36+, Housewife, Penang, Malaysia





•I was diagnosed with brain tumor in 2005. Surgery was done to remove the tumor. Due to that

•In 2008, the doctors found the tumor has grown again and advised me to go for another surgery and chemotherapy.

•August 2008, I started to take 4 TF Plus and 30 ml Riovida 3 times daily. After 2 weeks, I had some nose bleeding and went through healing crisis. I continued with the same dosage.

•Now, I am diagnosed free of tumor. I feel very energetic and feel much better.

The position has improved much better and I am witnessing lot of improvement

Mrs. Selvi 35+, Kota Tinggi, Malaysia






•I was suffering from psoriasis for 40 years from the age of seven. My parents too were suffering from psoriasis.

•I have seen many dermatologists in Malaysia and Singapore. Seeked advise from traditional and alternative healers but never seen the results I wanted and given up hope to see ‘normal skin’ anymore.

•When TF was introduced to me, I didn’t believe that the product will help me but just wanted to give a last try after much persuasion.

•I took 2 TF Adv and 30 ml Riovida 3 times daily. I apply the mixture of Enummi lotion and Renewall gel all over the body.

•I started to witness remarkable results within weeks and 95% of skin get cleared within 6 months.

•I am a diabetic too and recently met a minor accident. To my surprise my wound get healed much faster and my sugar level also under control now.

Wilson Raj 48+, Bus driver, Johor, Malaysia





•I am a heart and a diabetic patient . Pacemaker was implanted 6 years ago in my heart.

•I was on many medications. About a year ago I started to feel very lethargic, weak and fainted few times.

•My cardiologist found my heart is very weak and put me on Viagra 100mg daily and took that daily for nearly 3 months until 4life products were introduced to me.

•I started to take cardio and 2 TF Adv 3 times daily. Within 3 days, I felt much relief and stopped Viagra.

•Now I am still taking some other medications except Viagra and reduced the statin drug.

•I feel very energetic, the pumping efficiecy of my heart has improved and feel and work as a young woman..Even my complexion has improved .

Puan Rubiah Hassan 52+, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia






•I was diagnosed with lung cancer stage 4. I went through 18 times Chemotherapy at SJMC and 6 times at Kuching GH.

•I lost almost 40 kgs and given up hope to fight against the disease until Dr. Wan Ali advised to take TF products. I am taking 3 caps of TF Plus and 30ml Riovida daily for the past one year.

•I have gained my weight and feel much better and very energetic now.

•My doctor is very surprised with my improvement and advised me to continue with the products I am taking. Puan Sharifah Nafisah, 40+ housewife, Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia







•I was going through dialysis for nearly 2 ½ years. I could not urinate and the most I could pass urine was 1 to 2 drops each time. I was constantly very tired. TF Advance was introduced to me abt 2 months ago and within 2 short weeks I started to urine 5 to 6 times and about 50ml each time. Now I am able to drink more water and feel like a normal person again. I am taking 2 TF Advance 3 times a day and extremely happy with the results.








•I was suffering from rhinitis from young and had constant sneezing in the morning and running nose. The medications I was taking gave me symptomatic relief .

•After started to work in orthopedic department, I started to have irritating pain at my wrists for which I have to take pain killers.

•I started to 2 TF Adv twice daily and to my surprise both my problems got resolved within a month.

•I have given the products to both my parents who suffered from arthritis and they too had extremely good results.

•I already started to introduce the products to many of my friends and I am very confidence with transfer factor.






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